Local sustainability and food safety standars are key to us - Interview

Local sustainability and added value brought by local communities are key components of today's economy and the landmark that guides Eisberg's business model. Here's a few highlights from an interview that our National Sales Director Nicoleta Scarlat gave to Revista Biz magazine (you can read it in full in Romanian, here):

We are partners not only to our providers, but our employees and their communities as well, towards which we concentrate our CSR activities on. Safety measures for our workers translate to the safety of our clients and our goods. That is why we take every precaution available.

We are disinfecting as often as we can, with workers having to clean their hands and wear protective equipment before starting. We take their temperature at the beginning of the day and, at the smallest hint of a cold, our employees will get a paid leave, staying at home.

However, you can take all the measures you want, if your employees don't understand their necessity, they won't respect them. I would lie to say we were lucky because the transparency and open dialogue that we have with our employees is what made them so cooperative and also makes this company and the safety measures function so well.

We are working with goods that are at the weather's mercy. Therefore, our "superpower" is always being prepared to confront a disaster. We will adapt to these changes as well and sail through by understanding and meeting our clients' needs in the following months.

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